Triple Serum De Luxé - DNA Anti-Aging

Ultra Riche Triple Serum Infused Cream, 1.7 fl oz.

A dense rich moisturizer that has intense antiaging benefits, boasting an octa-peptide formula containing eight (8) potent collagen and copper peptides, used to create a small army in defending your skin against the visible signs of aging.

The Triple Serum De Luxe is multi-effect radiance cream that features peptides from all five of the respective role categories of peptides allowing the integration of DNA anti-aging to occur on both the cellular and molecular levels! Supercharged with amino acids specific to facial and skin sculpting this unique radiance cream smooths and corrects the look of fine lines, wrinkles to achieve the a sculpted lifted look.

Features are rapid absorption, plasma growth factor technology, fibroblast proliferation HGF EGF, amino acids, and anti-oxidant fortifified regenerating agents, such as Amino Acids, Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C+E, and NAD+. Features Next Generation -4 Matrixyl®

Triple Serum De Luxé - DNA Anti-Aging

  • What it is formulated to do:

    The Radiantly Ageless Muti-effect Radiance Cream is infused with three different serums that create the perfect mix of ingredients to visibly firm, tighten, and smooth wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles.

    Allow your skin to be nourished and pampered and your skin cells to be renewed and repaired. The result will be brighter Radiantly Ageless skin that is firm, tight, and enjoying the benefits of skin cell regeneration.

    Formulated with proteins, super omegas, botanicals and extracts this product also features the industry leading science of Matrixyl® Matrikine™-4 by including the two most recent next generation peptides; Matrixyl synthe’6® and Matrixyl Morphomics™. This fast absorbing cream acts as an invisible shield and small army to defend your skin against the visible signs of aging resulting in visibly healthier, firmer, brighter younger looking skin.

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